RT Scheduler
RT Clinical Scheduler accommodates the work flow of an RT Director of Clinical Education by providing a fully integrated system to manage your scheduling, time-keeping, and clinical site communication. Seamless communication allows you to keep both RT students and Clinical Site contacts always informed.
Manage Clinical Rotation Schedules

The calendar is the glue between clinical rotation scheduling, shift reminders, and site coordinator communication. View calendars for specific clinicians, for all clinicians, or even for a particular clinical site. Includes monthly, weekly, and daily, and location views.
No more messy spreadsheets that require constant editing. Now you can maintain the schedule on the web. Create student clinical rotation schedules from anywhere.
Student may use the time clock to "punch in" when they arrive at their clinical site. Keep track of accumulated clinical hours, log sick days, view historical attendance and tardiness.
The Amber clinical scheduler for RTs comes equipped with a sophisticated notification system and allows RT students to be notified of a pending clinical rotation shift for a change in the schedule. Directors can receive alerts, depending on their preferences, to be notified when a sick day is taken, when a student has fails to show for a clinical shift and much more.
Each user, whether an RT student or director of clinical eduction, can access their very own dashboard. This web space is specifically designed to quickly access features such as the time clock, clinical rotation schedule and much more.
Easy Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Whether you're working with a list of students, and a group of clinical sites, scheduling is easy with our drag-and-drop approach. Click and hold a student name and simply drag them to a place on a calendar or a clinical sites. Provide a few more details related to shift time and you're done. Need to make a change? Grab the student with your mouse and move them anywhere you like.
Student Schedule Access
Your respiratory students will love the ability to log into your own portal so they can see clinical site specifics instructions, maps, shift times and dates and accumulated clinical hours. They can also log a sick day which can immediately notify the DCE, the clinical site contact, or any specified clinical instructor.

Clinical Site Communication

DCE and instructors can fluidly communicate with contacts at clinical rotation sites and location. At the click of button, email the clinical instructor a list of students that he or she will have for the day. Support patient and facility security by sending the list of student that will be expected to attend the facility that day or what week.

Now you can send specific hospital and/or clinical instructor a calendar or schedule of RT Clinical Students with the quick click of a mouse.

Send an automatically generated PDF file of the schedule at any time. Simply specify the date range you would like to include, indicate the clinical site contact, add additional clinical instructor's to the distribution list and click 'send'.

Make a change to the schedule? Set up automatic notification to clinical sites, students, and clinical instructors. Or, send them by manually clicking a button to keep the email chatter down.