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Clinical Scheduler is the nexus of all your clinical rotation. With individualized dashboards, RT students and coordinators manage clinical schedules with all the details, including site notes, clinical time clock, location information, as well as historical reports.
Easy Scheduling

Quickly create clinical rotation schedules by drag-and-drop web technology. Click on a student, drag them to the rotation site, and voila. Drag a shift on any calendar day, add students, and presto, you're done. Forget the cumbersome spreadsheet edits.

Personal Schedules

Users have their clinical schedule in their pocket. Student clinical schedule dashboards show their current clinical schedule, including maps, notes, and shifts.

Schedule by Student

Communication with Sites

Send clinical site-specific schedules at the push of a button to a specific contact or a list of contacts that you specify. Help clinical sites know who showing up and when. You're clinical sites will love this kind of seemless location and students will benefit from the added security.

Schedule by Student
RT Scheduler has really helped our RT department immensley. Our favorite part of the program is the abilty to notify clinical insturctors and clinical sites who to expect to show up for a given shift. And, when we change a schedule, our students are immediately notified. We love it. It saves of hours of excell spread-sheet edits."

Daniell Stuart, RRT, MAEd - University of Trenton

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