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Annual Pricing

Pricing is an annual fee based on the number of students you would like to have on your clinical rotation roster. Change the roster at any time by deactivating and adding new students. Need more spots? no problem. We can add to your numbers on the fly.

Program Size# of StudentsOne Year
Smallup to 15$459
Medium16 - 25$729
Large26 - 34$918
Extra Large35 or aboveCall*
*Annual pricing is all-inclusive for the respective number of students. Larger programs require a quote in order to consider multiple schedulers, cohorts, and other special preferences.
Meet our Team

LindseyJones Project Team

Mike Gifford, BA
Chris Bohman, Lead Developer
Jeremy George, BS, RTS
Karla Hillier - Social Media / Marketing

Weber State University Advisors

Dr. Paul Eberle
Dr. Lisa Trujillo
Mich Oki
Janelle Gardiner, DHSc, RRT, AE-C