RT Scheduler

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Adding Students

Creating, Editing, Posting Schedules

Reporting & Notifications
RT Scheduler OverviewClinical SiteGeneral tour of the scheduling features of RT Scheduler.<
RT Scheduler Logging inClinical SiteBasics and how and where to login to the RT Scheduling system.<
RT Scheduler Menu FunctionsClinical SiteBasic overview of the menu functions available in RT Scheduler<
First Use - RT SchedulerClinical SiteWhen using RT Scheduler for the first time, a few housekeeping items are requried - 1) Adding Students, 2) Adding Clinical Sites
Instructor Dashboard OverviewClinical SiteA guide for instructors and coordinator of Respiratory Therapy students for clinical rotation scheduling.
Adding Clinical SitesClinical SiteTo add a new clinical site, select location from the side navigation menu, manage clinical sites
Adding Students to RT SchedulerClinical SiteSimply select New Student from the menu.
Sending the Schedule to Clinical SitesClinical SiteThe schedule may be sent by email quickly and efficiently to contacts and clinical sites. Only the information related to that site will be disclosed.
Schedule Spreadsheet ViewClinical SiteViewing and scheduling clinical rotation in the spreadsheet view