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RT Scheduler was created by a small team of respiratory therapists at LindseyJones and expert web application developers who create and run LindseyJones University. A division of Two Roads, Inc, LindseyJones is a company inspired by Doctor Thomas Lindsey and Nadine Jones.

Dennis Stanley, BS RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, President and Founder: Dennis Stanley is the President of Two Roads, Inc. and LindseyJones, a company that specialized in credentialing exam preparation as well as clinical competency management systems. Dennis has 20 combined years experience in teaching and hospital administration. He also oversees a web-development company called the Idaho Web Lab. RT Scheduler is one part of a larger solution, Amber Student Academic Portfolio, a solution designed to assist professional healthcare programs to facilitate and document the healthcare clinical experience and competency achievement during training.

Chris Bohman, Developer and Creator: Chris Bohman serves as the Lead Developer for RT Clinical Scheduler and oversees LindseyJones University, a comprehensive on-line facility used 40,000 times per month. He has 10 years experience in web application development.

Weber State University Advisors: Recognition to the Respiratory Therapy Education Professionals at Weber State University who serve as the primary go-to team for advice, direction, and field-specific oversight during the creation of RT Scheduler. Dr. Paul Eberle RRT, Mich Oki RRT, Dr. Lisa Trujillo RRT, and Janelle Gardiner RRT for their directional insight and comments.
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Our History
Working as a Respiratory Therapy Educator, Dennis participates in the education of more than 4000 RT students per year through speaking engagements and on-site seminars. In his communication with countless RT Program directors and clinical instructors, Dennis developed the feeling that a solution was needed to automate the clinical rotation scheduling process and create a database solution for clinical rotation experience tracking. In the fall of 2014, with a partnership with the Respiratory Therapy Department at Weber State University, the Amber Student Academic Portfolio Management System broke ground. Amber RT scheduler is the first module to be released. Additional modules will be released in the near future.
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"We have been using RT Scheduler and don't know we did the clinical schedule without it. A solution like this has been long overdue. Our favourite part is that each student has their own, personalized web page with their clinical rotation schedule on it. If something changes, they are quickly notified of any changes or special instructions regarding any of our sites. Oh yeah, we love being able to send a PDF file of the schedule to any of our clinical sites or clinical instructors at the push of a button."